Albania Salas

Hey there! My name is Albania (yes, like the country). I'm a native New Yorker living in the Bronx. What's good?


I have the the spirit of an entrepreneur with the passion to create meaningful social change whether it be via a URL or IRL.

I love to research and follow trends, just as much as I love to travel and eat chocolate cake.

I spent the majority of my career in the real estate industry, that enabled me to perfect my networking, communication and relationship-building talents. I also spent a lot of my time in coffee shops writing ads and drinking coffee (see picture). My unique writing style garnered a lot of attention making me the top salesperson at my firm, but it wasn't until being accepted to D&AD's New Blood Shift where I discovered my love for copy. Because come on there's only so many ways you can finesse hard wood floors on an ad.


I like to experiment with various writing styles and techniques. I’m never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about my work or my innovative approach to writing.