Brief: Explore the ways adidas can increase awareness, drive demand and engage communities around their genderless clothing UniteFit.

Insight: Gen Z doesn't buy into traditional conceptions of gender and the stereotypical

binary classifications attached to it.


Execution: Through a bright monochromatic campaign and docu-series starring real people we will educate and uplift the way Gen Z  view genderless fashion. We plan to remove all mannequins from adidas stores worldwide and display the docu-series with real people trying on outfits and putting styles together. This will help garner peer to peer reviews instead of seeing models and famous bodies on screens. Also in partnership with the Community app consumers will have text access to a UniteFit expert that will offer real time style and size guidance and daily affirmations so you can go out and conquer the day! Proceeds from all UniteFit sales will go towards high schools nation wide to help transition sports uniforms from the traditional cuts to the UniteFit silhouette. We believe that being different but the same will enable young athletes to reach their highest performance levels.


My Role: Strategy Execution & Copywriter