Every sale starts with a good ad. I discovered this secret early on in my real estate journey. I was conducting my own A/B trials before I even knew there was a name for it. All this data was in my head and after honing in on the key words that worked and getting rid of the ones that didn't  I saw immediate demands on properties that in pictures were not that appealing. I often used song titles and golden girls characters to describe my listings. The sale was closed before I even answered my phone. I would write up to 20 ads a day, go down memory lane and close 99% of my deals.

Immigrant Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

After conducting interviews and my own research I uncovered  the main topics that are currently driving vaccine skepticism in the immigrant communities.  The main concerns are if the vaccine is available for all US residents, no matter their immigration status and  if the vaccine would be free. Discussing these important topics are necessary for facilitating access to vaccination for immigrant families. This crucial information can be the defining factor to anyone that wants to get the vaccine, but did not know it was available  to them.  More studies need to be done in order to educate and reach out to this disenfranchised community.